Best Mobile Antivirus

You probably already have some type of antivirus program on your computer or laptop. Just like every device that connects you to the Internet, your mobile phone can be infected with some kind of malicious software. This type of problem is commonly known as Malware. Malware takes the form of scripts, content, code. Malicious software can even look like legitimate software in order to have access to every type of personal information stored on your mobile phone. If you don’t have installed anti-malware app on your phone you are putting your privacy and security at risk. Without proper protection, it will be easy for the virus to access your mobile device for a variety of reasons.

What should you do to prevent this?

If you are worried about your safety and the safety of your devices you probably wonder what type of mobile antivirus you should install. Here are some of our suggestions that will provide the best protection for your personal information. Some of the best mobile antivirus apps will provide you with fast and effective malware detection and prevention. The leading mobile antiviruses will offer you anti-theft features and also privacy features. Thanks to that you will be able to backup your photos and contacts. Some mobile antivirus apps will even offer the opportunity to snap a picture of the person who stole your device with the phone’s camera.

Depending on the mobile operating system that you are using you can choose your mobile antivirus accordingly in order to match the system properly. Here are the best options that are available now and that will guarantee you proper protection.

Android operating system

The Android OS is an open source software developed by Google. This mobile operating system includes middleware and essential applications for use on mobile devices, this also includes smartphones.

Avast Mobile Security — This app is now free for use although used to be paid. Some of the extra features in the free version include an Antivirus Engine that protects your phone from viruses and malware. Other features include Cleaner that removes junk files, AppLock that locks your sensitive apps, Photo Vault that hides private photos, an Anti-theft feature that captures photos of the thief, Call blocking and so on.

iPhone operating system (iOS)

The iPhone OS supports and is available only Apple devices ncluding the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad2.

Avira Mobile Security — This iOS app is German — based and one of the most effective antivirus engines. Some of the benefits of using this mobile antivirus include Anti-theft tools like phone locator and siren. Also, with Avira Mobile Security you have protection from malicious websites and Identity Safeguard that will alert you if the privacy of your email has been compromised. This mobile antivirus is completely free as well.

 Windows Mobile operating system

This is Microsoft’s mobile operating system used in many mobile devices and smartphones.

NetQin Mobile Antivirus — NQ mobile antivirus has unique features for Windows Phone. Some of the protection properties include virus detection and anti-virus scanning, backup tools, safe browsing and private browsing.

I hope that this small list will help you in finding a way to fully protect yourself from the cyber criminal.